Friday, June 1, 2007

Slippers and Songs

Friday morning and I'm sitting in my messy little office - freezing, of course, but enjoying my gorgeous Chinatown slippers, which remind me of my sister Maggie because she bought each of us and our mother a pair when they were visiting in February. Here's a picture of our gorgeous feet in said slippers.

And since I'm in a bit of a rush and my cat, Rosie is crawling all over me and the keyboard, I'll just post a new lyric and call it a day. We're off to Paso Robles today - we're playing at a winery down there tomorrow night.

I'm reminding myself in this post that in the next one I want to talk about an amazing show I saw at the Hotel Utah last Friday. Noe Venable, back from New York for a couple of days, played one of the most beautiful sets of music I've every heard. Description later.

Til soon, Monica

(photos by Tom Erikson, art by Pilar Pobil)

Morning Comes

Morning Comes, she comes, I know
Always and still disarming
Beauty in her every guise
if I'll behold it

There is a space inside my heart
Tender, afraid and lonely
Just like a bird I long to fly

These bricks and stones are only
a poor and sad excuse
and all around they're falling
and underneath is truth

There is a tree that I've called home
Although at times quite barren
nevertheless it is my own
My own to cherish

Morning comes, she comes, I know
Even when darkness is profoundest
Into the light I am reborn


mati said...

I'm so excited you're blogging! Yay! Lovely you & Rosie too.

Love.Leigh.Knitz said...

rosie is striking quite the pose! what a great face! enjoy reading your blog... have added a link to it on mine. looking foward to seeing you and the Sallies in a few months here in Oak Park!!